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 Therapy Groups For Asian Community 

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I work with another student studying at The CREATE Institute to provide mental health support groups for the Asian/East Asian/ Pacific Islander identified folks. Our primary focus is to create a safe enough space and community so participants can discuss challenges they have faced in a supportive and inclusive environment. As Asian Therapists, we want to give back, to be a part of, and to be supportive of the the community we also belong with.

We began as a group geared towards Chinese people, but upon multiple inquiries, we noticed the need for a more inclusive approach. We will also be running various groups related to mental health and for the Asian community.



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A & J Expressive Arts 

Anxiety Depression Anger

Exploration Through Expressive Arts


A group for 18+ Asian/East Asian/Pacific Islander Identified Persons. 


Low Cost 9 Week Online Therapy Group

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