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What is Expressive Arts Therapy?

Expressive Arts Therapy is an arts-based, relational and experiential approach to psychotherapy that engages and supports the client through a process of creative expression. It is a strength and resource based approach that aims to help clients reconnect with their inner resources.


Expressive Arts Therapists offer interventions that integrate the use of visual arts, creative writing, drama, music, voice, and movement as catalysts for personal inquiry, discovery, and growth.

How does EXAT help?

EXAT is an approach to therapy that focuses on the present moment, of what is happening now within our bodies. It uses the arts to pose challenges and obstacles, and is used as a channel for expression. There are some things that cannot be expressed through speech, words, arts, or music alone. Often times, EXA Therapists will shift from one modality to another as there are often new discoveries that happen in the shift.  

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