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As LGBTQIA+, as AroAce identified, it was important to me to create a space that was safe enough for folks of similar experience.


This is an Aromantic and Asexual Spectrum Online Support Circle. The group is meant to be an inclusive, aspec positive therapeutic place for people with similar experiences. It is a way to build community and inclusion, celebrating similarities and differences under the aspec umbrella. 

All folks on the AroAce+ spectrum are welcome! Aro and/or Ace identified!


Art by Jennifer Lee Copping

Asexual and Aromantic 

Into the

AroAce Verse

An Expressive Arts Exploration

An online support group for aspec folks.




A following group is a support group aimed to create a community and a safe enough space for people to explore their intersecting identities of Queer Trans and Black/Brown Indigenous People of Colour. 

Participants must identify as BIPOC and 2SLGBTQIA+. 


Embracing Colour

A QTBIPOC Support Circle

An online support group for QTBIPOC folks.

Coming Fall 2023!


Therapy Groups

Here are therapy groups that will be run ranging from working through trauma, mental health and coping and other groups. 

Stories I Needed To Hear

An Expressive Arts Therapy Group About Healing Trauma Through Storytelling. 

This is an online therapy group geared towards BIPOC folks. 

Coming Winter 2023

Stories I needed to hear (Facebook Post (Landscape)).png
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