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Times I Thought I Was An Alien

An Instagram series posted on @rainydaystherapy.

A reflection of times I thought I was an alien or robot growing up. I didn't know there were reasons for it. I just thought I was the weird one, the outcast, the loner, the not-human. I couldn't feel emotions because I was numb. I felt I didn't have the things that made me human. I was born broken, and wrong and decided that I was either an alien or a robot.

This is a piece of reconciling the years of thinking I was an alien or robot. I am reflecting on the idea of what it means to be an alien. I decided. I plan to cherish these parts of myself that, for so long, I have hated. So what if I am an alien? I'm an alien and proud.

Perhaps, I am an alien. I am a robot. But, I am also human.

To those who also feel this way, I hope you too can build your own Alien Nation where all parts of you are accepted, cherished, and loved.

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